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Shantanu Mahanta and Sonal Saxena are both foodoholics who love to explore food and take great pride in Indian food. They feel that Indian food is not well represented and popularized across the world. It still does not get the respect it deserves. Especially for the depth and diversity it has.

eatwithIndia was born after many painful years of trying and not being able to find options for good Indian regional food. While it is good that other cuisines are gaining importance and making their presence felt in India, the same cannot be said for Indian food. How many times do you really make a plan to go out for an Indian meal? How many options do you have to try out cuisines of different states?



Indian cuisine has become synonymous with Butter chicken and Dal makhani and with no disrespect to these two great Indian dishes, there is much more to explore- all the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Shantanu, who belongs to the Interiors field and believes in making beautiful homes, is the brain behind eatwithIndia. He decided to create a platform where guests could book meals online with Chefs and home chefs – essentially people who could represent different cuisines of India. In this endeavor his life partner and partner in crime Sonal, who has been running a successful technology company decided to join hands to create a technology platform for the chefs to reach out to world at large and for guests to reach out to these masters of Indian food.



They put together a pop-up style, dining experience with eatwithindia, which rivals a traditional restaurant experience. Expert chefs prepare multi-course dinners for an evening of fun, social dining and bringing adventurous foodies together on communal tables, thus breaking the mould of individual dining and reflecting our belief that communities and friendships are formed over food.
Our chefs are the new age ambassadors of Indian Food. These expert chefs are a mix of professional and home chefs who make you sample the most authentic fare from Kashmiri to Kanyakumari. You can choose to dine with a celebrity chef at his home or be join a royal family at their palace for a meal or be hosted by someone in your neighborhood who cooks the best Goan meal.

Royal Range



The Bedla family traces its roots in Mewar(Udaipur) to the time when Rana Sanga invited the family of “Purabia Chauhans” to assist the Maharana to fight against the Moghul emperor Babar in the battle of Khanua in the year 1527 A.D. The valour of Purabia Chauhans, direct descendants of the glorious Prithvi Raj Chauhan (the last Hindu king of India) was greatly valued and in appreciation, the family was rewarded with the “jagirs”( Estates) of Gangrar near Chittorgarh and at Bedla near Udaipur. As the premium “jagirdars” the Bedla family has played a significant role in the affairs of the Udaipur state over the centuries. Such was the faith of the Maharana that the Bedlas served as Prime Ministers, valued advisors, commander in chief of armed forces and official host to all the dignitaries visiting Udaipur as state guests.
Having to host illustrious foreign and Indian dignitaries,the food and entertainment at Bedla Palace acquired great fame with excellence being just a mere norm. Over the years they refined and improved their entertainment activities leading to tables groaning under the weight of superb culinary delights. The cuisine kept on evolving, keeping intact the basic distinctive authenticity coupled with imagination and innovation. Amongst the notable international personalities who have relished the Bedla cuisine is Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline kennedy, the Shah of Iran, Indira Gandhi, Jawahar lal Nehru and various royalties.

The culinary cult developed in terms of its rich preparations, concoctions and flavours during the time of Rao Bahadur Karan singhji who was a great connoisseur of food. As a tribute to him, the Bedlas have named their cuisine as the “Karan Cuisine” . The present scion of the family, Thakur Vijay Singhji Bedla and his wife Sugan Kumari thereafter spread the culinary heritage of Mewar through various food festivals in India and abroad.

Chef Range

Sweety Singh


Chef Harjinder Singh, popularly known as Sweety Singh, has been whipping up Punjabi Food since the age of 19. Since childhood, His passion for Punjabi food was fuelled at a young age by his father, Gyani Santosh Singh, who ran a flourishing food business from a Dhaba back in the 1950s. Years later, Sweety continues the original business started by his father and also has his own catering business, all this without any formal training in cooking. It was his mentor New Delhi based Chef Manjeet Singh Gill, of ITC Sheraton Group, who spotted the talent in Sweety. Sweety Singh’s very first food fest was at ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai in December 1998. Since then he has been doing Punjabi Food Fests in various other hotels

When asked the difference between his food and the Punjabi food served in most restaurants, he says: “Authentic, homemade Punjabi food is not heavy, it is wholesome. I do not use any cashew, almond, saffron, and food colour in any of my preparations; those are just fancy frills to lend food a designer touch. I cook my food in asli ghee, which, unlike what people generally believe, is healthy. I make my own spices. Punjabi food gets a bad reputation when people impart populist touches to it, and give convention and authentic cooking processes a go by. Real Punjabi food is cooked slowly, even overnight over the coal fire of a chula, and always with freshly ground masalas.” Renowned for his unique take on traditional dishes, he further says: “I am always envisioning new dishes in my mind, and wondering what to create next.”

Jaya Bajaj

jaya bajaj

Jaya’s culinary journey began with Nari Shiksha Kendra, a small charitable organisation based in Ghaziabad that made hand ground masalas and pickles. She began by studying and promoting the traditional practices of food preservation in ceramic jars. Soon, her keen interest in flavours led her to innovate varied condiments like sauces, chutneys, seasonings and dips. She takes pride in bottling her home-kitchen favourites into flavourful products that can reach a wider audience.

Raja Banerjee


Mr Raja Banerjee a living legend and the owner of the first tea factory of the world. He is a champion of organic tea movement in the world.
His affair with Makaibari tea estate stretches over 39 years. His family has been in the tea business since 1859. He is one of those rare estate owners who stays on the estate with his family. In 2003, his teas fetched an astronomical price of Rs 18,000 per kg.
This tea collection is meant for people who appreciate good tea and want to taste one of the finest that exists in India.